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The 9th AONSA/The 2nd Neutron and Muon School Meet@MLF

Public Beamlines in Detail

J-PARC is comprised of a series of world-class proton accelerators and the experimental facilities that make use of the intense proton beams. At the center of these is the Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility (MLF) which uses a 1 MW pulsed proton beam (3 GeV, 25 Hz, 333 A) to generate the world's most intense neutron and muon beams.

The MLF uses these beams as tools in the advancement of materials and life science research creating wide-ranging opportunities across fundamental and applied science applications.

At the MLF there are currently 13 neutron and 2 muon beam instruments in operation and 6 new neutron instruments in commissioning or under construction.

Please see here for detailed descriptions of the MLF instruments.