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The 9th AONSA/The 2nd Neutron and Muon School Meet@MLF

Utilization Promotion Division

Business outline

We provide support to the Public Beamline users as well as applicants who want to conduct researches using Public Beamline.

  • Issuing Public Beamline research proposal calls, review and selection of the proposals.
  • Supporting Users' procedures for utilization
  • Public relations activities such as providing information on operational status.
  • Planning and managing various symposiums and workshops.

*Please put "@cross.or.jp" behind the email name.
*Click here for how to call.


Dr Junichi Sato Division Head Dr Jun-ichi Sato E: j_sato
Dr Tsukasa Miyazaki Division Head (Deputy)Dr Miyazaki Tsukasa E: t_miyazaki
Dr Kenichi Funakoshi Division Head (Deputy, Doubled at Neutron R&D Division) Dr Keiichi Funakoshi E: k_funakoshi